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Hubert ‘s diverse musical experiences have led him on an amazing life-changing journey. While on this journey, he dreamt of releasing his own solo music project and sharing his passions with the world but put it on the back burner as work demanded.

Hubert started playing drums at the age of three and later attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn NY, home of many famous songwriters and musical icons, where he played bass in the school band. Hubert continued to energize his musical passion by studying and expressing himself through writing/recording and touring bestowing his incredible grooves on other artist’s stages and projects.

Some of Hubert’s musical influences include Bootsy Collins, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Ohio Players, Marcus Miller, Byron Miller, Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament,

Sly & The Family Stone, Chuckii Booker

and most of all,

his dad Hubert Eaves III.

It’s now time for Hubert to put his dream on the front burner just as his favorites have done. Also, time to give back to the universe. What if his influences had never shared their musical gifts? What if Hubert had never heard Bootsy back then? There’s power in putting your dreams first and releasing them.


Hubert's latest single "Incubated Funk" represents the way he feels when staring at the image of himself as a 3lb. 7oz. new born being protected and nourished in an incubator. Hubert is still developing as an artist and is still feeding his soul while protecting his gifts to this day.

Hubert was surrounded by and blessed with the gift of music then and now. Now, standing at 6'3 inches with his bass in hand, melodies and funk on his mind - it's time to release the FUNK.

"Incubated Funk" is Hubert. It's Hubert watching himself grow carefully. It's a constant reminder that he was created and cultivated to release all that has kept his spirit alive and that is expressed in the funk you will feel when you hear him play, yeah, that's that "Incubated Funk."



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